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ENDS Podcast Episode Transcribed below:
How you feeling today man? I’m feeling good
man I’m feeling good and I’m feeling good man. It’s another blessing wonderful day man. But I heard her man you got some new things to talk about man you got some you got caught you at the studio
studio while us making some man and
love but, man Oh, no, I go dive straight in today. You feel me? I’m gonna dive straight into a couple other topics man. You will talk about that social awareness man. So how you feel about this march on Washington?
March on Washington.
They Marching on Washington about the whole Breonna Taylor, man, you know everything that’s going on in Wisconsin, and just mad mad at the coaches is fed up man. Hey, that’s What’s up, bro. That’s definitely dope. I feel like that’s dope as hell, especially on Washington. You feel me like? Yeah, that’s my that’s my email. You feel me? So that’s, that’s That’s dope bro. As definitely dope.
My my grandma actually wanted to they had a suppose had too much I sent
earlier this year to my grandma I wanted to go too far birthday you feel me just to do it but you know the code and everything has showed up so
but but That’s dope man like I’m with that I’m with that for real for real it’s uh it’s I’m glad to see we protest and still like I said we needed about a long time ago we need to be consistent on it we definitely got to be as much as much as they want to us as much as consistent we can be we got a vote in November don’t care what nobody say bro
we gotta vote bro we got vote bro. That’s where I said we got to vote we got to put ourselves and higher power so we can be so people can look like us instead of we get judged by people that don’t know our situations don’t know where we come from and none you feel me like any any any type of level anything if you think about it, my all the higher up positions and stuff. It’s not a lot of people that I will say it’s not
But it’s not a lot of people that look like this or know where we come from you feel me only got a few. So it’s time to get in those positions. You feel me so
that we can you know that’s more power that’s more power. And you know why are we talking about politics right now? I had a question for you so if he was a politician what would be the first thing you will fix?
politician first thing I fix first thing is like
first thing I’ll fix it. I said first thing if I if I get into politics, first thing I’ll fix in schools. Because right now the only thing like I mean, adults gonna be adults right now man, you might contain some of them but the majority of everything gonna be for the kids you feel me like the dogs gonna be adults. Like it’s, it’s pretty much over you know, I’m saying you might get a few or two and that’s and that’s what’s wrong right now. Like you’ve got a lot of a lot of white light. A lot of white people who don’t, don’t understand and don’t care to understand. You feel me
They just it’s not happening to them so he’s like why are you not saying be going on all this time so why care not? You feel me a bit going on all this time why care not? And you I mean you you can’t you can’t understand something you don’t know me and that’s what it is.
So for me it’d be schools I think it’d be like the whole it’d be schools definitely a lot different things in school like stuff that we don’t need. Instead, I’d be in the school system for sure. Like, engineering school system. Yeah, it’d be the school system. The first thing I do as a politician school system. Yeah.
Okay, okay, so now we don’t dive back into the music a little bit. We’ll dive back into the music a little bit man So what kind of sparked the whole words flex? Oh, man, where’s flex man that’s crazy was
finished being made. So where’s flex man that was like a court scene freestyle, like, I’m always loved.
That may speak to me were too long for me yeah I always love that beat man I always love that beat and I’m
I have flowed off of you feel me I was just spitting like some like some stuff they would be spiing like spitting some light stuff going on now with the flow and will be like the 90s you know I’m saying like if he was on funk flex like hi when people are from flex they just be talking crazy all the meat meal dye cues you feel me they talking about like what’s going on and stuff and I was just like, man there’s so far flex type stuff. So when I did that first it was gonna be another beat because I wonder what a producer I know can do it. Then I went to Zeke and I had Zeke. Zeke audio which is Osborn. oh nine year do
I set z Can you do me by Yeah, give me a few days. Yeah, he did. Shit and I and I kept saying Flo and we went crazy with it. And the video was hard, man. The video is funny. It’s more
There’s more but I think I believe people thinking Flex really there

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