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In this recent ENDS Podcast episode, we were able to get an up-close interview with Benny Hustle Aka BB3 or Big Ben from the Eastside of Detroit. This rapper is preparing to drop his latest project Gangster & Gentleman which we were able to hear exclusively on ENDS Podcast.We Are The Voice of The Culture #ENDSShop ENDS: https://www.eatingndastreets.comSupport Become a Patron: Services: https://www.endsmedia.comENDS Podcast Episode Transcription:0:02  No BB three big big benny hustle. benny Hustle man what’s going on with witcha man?0:17  Definitely, most definitely.0:19  on the radio0:30  new release, man.0:36  Dropping October 251:03  The demo1:10  demo is pitch black race will not1:19  meet us know that it is morning talk to songwriters I thank the Lord every day I’ll open my1:29  mouth. I’ve been under pressure never through1:33  my kids1:36  gotta watch for the snakes and because reptiles1:41  got the game1:44  trying to play with her nose I didn’t bring the sauce1:48  to learn how to play pretty my niggas1:56  embrace me in a day go push me up when It2:01  was clutch I’ve been focused on progression2:05  My kids love the shit no matter what. When the world was shut down I ran2:13  my kids2:15  niggas man I made it if they asked2:38  the demo2:48  project2:52  class will tell me a little bit about that name from from the guests in the gentlemen man3:00  Like splaining my whole character my whole whole life I was raised by a gangster You know, I’m saying I turned out to be, you know, gentlemen taught us how to be a man you know, it just fit in all those kind of character categories. Not saying a gangster or killing3:19  but just move on with some morals and principles. Yeah. Why are you doing okay? Okay, okay, so I got another question for you man. So production on this was like oh like somewhere like spatially like3:31  liberal say Jews. Jews were3:33  mad I go even more older than me like some kid cut Eli. okay baby like cutting type.3:41  So So what sparked that you feel me?3:44  I actually was just blown Awesome. All right, and I heard that beat when it first came on, and she I just heard it saying, I heard to talk to me. I was like, I can’t learn3:55  to3:58  follow suit. Azzam I tried to sing and then that’s when I was on. I was I know what to call it so I’m like fucking moron. I thought I was smoking in a I’m like an engineer like called a moon rock.4:12  So I got a question for you man. So what’s the difference between moon rock and like? You find me gelato you feel me like what’s the difference?4:22  The big difference the difference is the shake I like Keith with it. No we got some wax and we use is we so it’s all infused Dan is always different you know he was cookie with us gelato moonrock whatever4:41  we want.4:44  That’s mega different from all the other shit or the wheat is just we know we4:50  made other products will have THC.5:08  Okay, right cuz all FedEx and get it all everything and print it out5:19  i’ll see you being global man are you sure you’ve been in California? Lana, go from north to the south to the east to the west. So what’s up, man, you know me being able to see you know, coast the South that been playing a big impact on the music that we’re making?5:38  Um, that’s actually a good question because it actually knew it put me in better vibes and I get to see different parts of the world. So like some of my favorite rappers I get to see what they see you get to live how they live. Like when I’m in Atlanta, I’m in bancaire I’m in ti area. So I always try to, you know, I’m saying like, see the accomplishments and how far you’ve just to see the area here like this. Like Dan you got to respect them niggas market they got they come from big cities so it’s made me want to go harder with my writing stuff6:06  also saying that you have that Magic City man so in comparison what is the Magic City like to like a Detroit strip club you feel me6:16  see only

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