ENDS Media Web Design & Maintenance Services

Have your very own customized professional dynamic website design & maintenance team to support your business.

ENDS Media Web Design Services
ENDS Media Web Design Services 

What's included with our Web Design Services?

  • Web hosting
  • Domain hosting
  • WordPress Install
  • 6 Web Pages Creation per month
  • 15 E-commerce product update per month
  • Content update
  • 2 Blog Articles 500-1500 words per month
  • 15 Data entry hours per month
  • SEO Updates (Page & post Keyword, Page & Post Meta Description)

Our Process for website creation:

Week 1 – website configuration & setup
Week 2 – Design & Layout Setup
Week 3 – Content Creation & Update
Week 4 – Quality & Assurance, Website testing, Submission for website creation approval
Development of high-quality WordPress site for local business niches. Includes activation of features such as blogs, social media icons, etc.

Our Web Design Service Process

Our Web Design Service Process

Client Intake And Branding

After receiving the completed intake form, We begin branding the website with the necessary digital imaging requirements. This is inclusive of any company logo, company business profile, fonts, colors, and images provided.

Content Integration

We integrate the content provided according to our page layouts for our basic web design. Once we’ve completed the branding phase of our web build, we integrate the content provided using the chosen template’s inner-page layout which includes the Home Page, About Us Page, Contact Page, and up to two pages of your choice.

1st Revision Cycle

ENDS Media Web Design Services

Once we’ve completed the branding and content integration, our expert web managers review the first revision prior to submission for review. We provide you insight into the website in preparation for your first revision phase.

The first revision implementations should focus on the following feedback if required:
  • Removal of sections
  • Color scheme
  • Fonts
Now is a great opportunity to review the content and branding is aligned. We focus on the feedback above to ensure we're on the right track for getting your website up and running.

2nd Revision Cycle

During the second revision process, we focus on the following feedback points, and if a revision is required, the implementation will follow accordingly:

  • Image Changes
  • Content Integration
  • Banner Elements (Not redesign)
  • Social Media Links

Pre-Launch Quality Assurance

Once the revisions have been conducted and the necessary implementations completed, our Quality Assurance team scores the website and performs an in-depth review, ensuring the website is mobile-friendly and dynamically responsive for modern browsers and devices.
As an added measure, we install Akismet free of charge, to help prevent spam from commenting on the site and submitting forms.

Website Migration

Once our QA team and developers complete the Quality Assurance process, we begin migrating the site to your host provider. During this period, our developers will require access to hosting so please ensure the access credentials and tokens have been provided.
Post-Launch Quality Assurance And Handover
Once the site has been migrated, our Quality Assurance team goes through the site once more to ensure the site is fully functional and working as intended through our predefined checklist.

**Note Time Can Be Expedited Upon Request & Scope Work**

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