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Grow your music fan base, increase music streams, and music video views with ENDS Music Promotion Package

Making it in the music industry starts with making music, then building your strong clout following. Having your music available on as many outlets as possible as well as shout outs from reputable brands. This will give your music career the support and foundation it needs to grow and generate more income.

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ENDS Media will create a podcast based around you and your music while also giving listeners a listing session of your music. All episodes will be posted on ENDS Media Blog as well

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Benefits of ENDS Music Posts

By posting your music video or song embed to ENDS Music you're giving your music the opportunity to be streamed, more streams you have the more money you make. Not to mention ENDS Music allow you to add theses cool features to post to make more money from your music:
  • Link to an online store your already own (Merchandise)
  • Add Cashapp or link
  • Add Patreon Link
  • Add a "Contact Me for Booking & Business related Inquires Link"


Building a brand isn't easy but when your brand is being seen online on a platform like are's it began to become familiar and more likely to be desired by your targeted audience. For ex. 
Posting your music link on Facebook vs sharing a post from a Music Magazine Facebook Page that a made an article about your music.


By adding your business contact email, labels, brands, and other artist are able to contact you for business opportunities, features, beats and more 


Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Streamed. The more we talk about your music or post your music, the opportunities you will have to reel in more potential fans. Which will help you build a cult-like following it takes to make it in the music industry.

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