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So what is ENDS Affiliate Program?

ENDS Media LLC is a company that not only offers media(Video, Photo), advertising, and marketing services but also offers media platforms like ENDS Podcast or ENDS Music and handles ENDS Merchandise stores. This gives us a chance to collaborate and work with local businesses and brands as well as leading brands and companies. Being that our company, culture, and brand is built around the voices of the culture. We feel its right that those voices make money from their contributions.

ENDS The Family

Coming together for a greater cause than oneself, in which the sacrifices, contributions, or involvement benefits a whole. Creating opportunities to eat together and not each other.

Benefits of Being an ENDS Affiliate 

There are many benefits to joining the ENDS Affiliate program such as money, merchandise, and more. Here are some of the ENDS Affiliate Program noticeable features below:
  • Make 15% Per Sale
  • Get paid every month for as long as your sale referral services last or referred ENDS Affiliates monthly sales.
  • Make %5 of your referred ENDS Affiliate Sales
  • Make Commission From Your Referrals Sales (Lifetime)
  • Free ENDS Merchandise 
  • Access to free marketing tools
  • Guest Appearance on ENDS Podcast (Available on Pandora, Spotify, Apple & More)
  • Shout out on ENDS Podcast
  • Facebook Groups & Weekly Webinars( Recorded and Available on Youtube)
  • Social Mentions, Retweets, and Reshares from our social Platforms
  • Guest blog Access and Social Media Contributor Access 

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Here are some FAQ's about ENDS Affiliate Program

When do you get paid?

The 15th of every month's payment will be sent.

How do we pay our ENDS Affiliate Program 

The payment processing we currently use is Paypal & Stripe, making payment delivery fast to ENDS Affiliates.

Is ENDS Affiliate Program a pyramid scheme, since you make money off members you refer?

No, WE ARE NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME. We don't charge members to sign-up to become an ENDS Affiliate so it isn't a pay to play type of scheme.  Which most pyramid schemes do, with ENDS Affiliate Program we're splitting our profits made from the actual sale of services and products by a referred ENDS Affiliate Member.

Do ENDS Media provide content or marketing material for ENDS Affiliates use?

Yes, in your ENDS Affiliate portal you can find resources to help you promote, recruit, and more.