ENDS Media Graphic Design Services

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ENDS Media Graphic Design Services
Design by ENDS Graphic Design Team

Showcasing valuing using visual representation.

The appropriate design can help propel and create engagement to effectively give your work the best chance of getting noticed.

Pricing & Payment Structure (Name your budget and lets work)

We work with any budget with $25 being the minimum price allowed to submit for a job. Each job will take 12-24 hours for review. If additional information is needed as far as project detail, we will notify you via email. Each project has a $25 deposit with the remainder being charged once project is complete.

Client Features:

24/7 Customer Service via Email
2 Revisions 
Name Your Own Price ($25 Minimum)
Quick turn around time 
24hr Expedited Available 

Refund Policy 

Full refund is available if work has not begun, if by any circumstance our work is not deemed acceptable we will refund the amount minus a $12 service fee. So if you paid $150 dollars and we didn't deliver the scope of work standards, you would receive $138 after request refund has been issued.

ENDS Media Graphic Design Services Offered 

  1. Album, Mixtape, and Visual Cover - Creating a custom design that fits the message of the creator, creating engagement with listeners and or viewers.
  2. Flyer - Online or Digital print for upcoming events, promotions, and ceremonies are great for leaving a lasting impression with valuable information.
  3. Brochure - Used for marketing material for brands, services, or products to give a better understanding of the value something may possess.
  4. Logo Design -  We can create a logo that will represent your brand and help people identify your value without speaking.
  5. Social Media Profile Image - Creating a custom banner, profile, header image that represents your brand while informing visitors of information like contact info and promotions.
  6. Photo editing - Background removal, photoshop editing, and photo designing we are capable of. Sometimes the photographer already took a great shot but just a hint of brightness could make a big difference to the eye.

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