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Hire ENDS Media to photograph
weddings, for example. Attractive shots of the bride and groom, ENDS Media will photograph the guests and key moments, such as the cutting of the cake. This is very mobile photography. We move about the location, looking for people doing things that would make good photographs. Portraits, on the other hand, let us stay in one place.

ENDS Media Photography Service Options Available 

**Prices vary, ENDS Media uses a budget system where the client name their price and we accommodate you based on your budget.** 
  • Photoshoot 
  • Videoshoot 
  • Professional Head Shots 
  • Product Shoots 
  • Events, Weddings, Graduations and all

Delivery Options:

**48-72 Hours Standard, 24 Hour Expedite Available **
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  3. Print & Mail

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Stock Images

When writers, graphic designers, and editors need pictures for their websites or publications, they often go to websites that let them download pictures for a fee. You can provide images to those photo websites. You can either get paid for each image or earn a royalty each time your photographs get downloaded. You can choose what pictures to offer these stock photo agencies by studying what they already have and then shooting images that fill a need they haven't filled yet.


ENDS Media Photographers can shoot runway, where we would capture the emotion and excitement of models walking down the catwalk in the latest designs. We can photographs of new fashion designs in the studio. We shoot on location


Both print and online catalogs photographs can be provided. For example, we could photograph all of the uniforms a company sells.

Corporate Events

Corporations hire ENDS Media Photographers to make a record of their conventions, seminars or celebrations. This is often called candid shooting. Natural shots of company employees and their guests enjoying themselves. Our skilled photographers move quickly and discreetly through the gathering to find your shots and often shoot pictures from across the room so the subjects don't know you're capturing their images. In addition to candid shots, the ENDS Media photographer may be called upon to pose a formal group picture.

Product Photography

From the latest smartphone to food and even new cars, ENDS Media photographers can company's product look attractive in advertising. This type of photography uses completely different equipment and lighting than a photographer uses for pictures of people.

Fine Art Photography

We shoot whatever you want, print it for a gallery to display it. The gallery will take a percentage and give you the rest. We can also sell prints to restaurants, department stores and corporations that want to decorate their offices. 

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