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Specializing in advertisement strategies such as PPC, Product Placement, Social Media Ad's, Banner Ad's, Podcast Episode Sponsorships, and Native Article Ad, and more.

ENDS Media Advertisement Services
ENDS Media Advertisement Services 

We utilize the correct platform to achieve the goals of your clients. Depending on our client’s needs and goals, we can do banner ads, podcast episode sponsorship, Youtube Video Sponsorship, and more read below.

Advertisement Types & Description


Youtube Video Sponsorship
Youtube is one of the most used streaming platforms used today. Brands, Businesses, and artists have been able to leverage this platform by running ads at the beginning and or end of the video. These are not the only placements, here at ENDS Media LLC we offer:

  1. Beginning of Video Ad
  2. Mid-Video Ad
  3. END of Video Ad
  4. Logo Display During Video
  5. Link in video Description 

Learn more about the benefits of our Youtube Video Sponsorship here

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Podcast Episode Sponsorship
Sponsoring ENDS Podcast episodes is a great way to advertise your business, brand, product, or services. When you sponsor ENDS Podcast you're putting your advertisement on every major podcast platform like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, and more. ENDS Podcast offers sponsor segment placement options such as intro, mid-roll, and a few others.
Learn More About ENDS Podcast here

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Website Banner Placement 

Native Ad

Native Ad Article
By creating an article that is well-written and brings value to readers, you can capture the reader and increase your sales conversion rate, SEO, and brand awareness.

Native Ad Youtube Video
One of the most used platforms, Youtube is a platform where people watch videos to learn, to be entertained, and to discover. By creating review videos, entertainment videos, and informative videos we can draw your target audience into a more effective way.
Native Ad Podcast Episode

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Product & Business Placement or Mention

Youtube Video Product Placement
Have your product seen in youtube videos to build brand awareness and increase sales.
Instagram Video Product Placement
Most known for the power of its influencers, we can have your video seen in Instagrams 60 second video's
Facebook Video Product Placement
Our 3rd most viewed streaming platform, Facebook allows us to place your product, brand, or business in one of the next upcoming videos.

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PPC & Social Media

Facebook Ad Creation & Management 
Instagram Ad Creation & Management 
Youtube Ad Creation & Management 
Google Adwords
Pinterest Pin Promotion

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