Kyrie Irving was right? NBA Boycott or cancel attempt with Will Capo Pt. 2 | ENDS Media
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this is pretty much like everything that just tied to one another you know I’m saying but definitely yeah definitely the old samples with the like new the new you feel me and then even what I talked about is definitely like relatable to everybody you know what I’m saying so I mean I get it I get a lot from the last from a lot of oh geez and like I said the younger people for so for so like fuck with the music because I’m talking about stuff is going on now like stuff and we consider like right and a generation you know I’m saying like them growing up stuff that they gonna be able to remember and be appreciative of you know I’m saying so, just about history you find the stuff that they don’t have to remember, you know, kind of with the NBA you feel me just following up on the

marshawn Washington you see for me over the past week past two weeks you for me it first started off with Calgary area A lot of people don’t know that but he got a lot of backlash when he came out you’ve heard me talking about that they should cancel the season and you know if they really go make a statement, you tell me But that was before the whole bubble you filled me that people was like he crazy, all this type of stuff. You need to you need to chill out and all that. But now you feel me when we say you know Brian and a few other players you for me that was like Yeah, they want to postpone the season. Some even boycotted the games last week. Um, so you know, going into that, you know, being able to see that how do you feel about the whole NBA boycott and the possibility that the season could be canceled? I know that they said that they just they just had it mean send it It wasn’t but LeBron James is still trying to you feel me a push for the season too. Because how you feel about that? Man, I’m a man. I am a brand that is my God. I love like LeBron James like is like my guy like if anybody guys anybody Bible that says God now

Just as a basketball player but just as a human being in reality like the way his wife his kids schools even put up that’s my guy like LeBron James is my god but the thing about this this probably like the only thing I didn’t like far as like if LeBron James been a part of was the the whole boycott thing cuz they boycott it for two they just they just played last night game last night yeah they started

it started back last night so it was more of a kind of a slap in the face thing to me

is they boycotted for two games what it will start they then they play Saturday played last night which was Saturday so it was kind of i would i would rather them just play and spoke about it then boycott and act like they weren’t gonna do nothing and then come back to it now that was just like you’re not yeah I rather you just go ahead and finish up season out and then be like you know I’m saying talk about it like Chris Paul did the Brian wearing

When was America great all that might have been perfect but few to boycott and then be like, Alright we’re going back to play you know I’m saying that was kind of like that was kind of like a slap

on the homies that he talked to shit about the girl didn’t go right back to go right back to his life

facts and there’s like like that I didn’t agree with that part especially for the two biggest stars kawhi and LeBron not I read that they stormed out the meeting they was boycotting that’s why that they was the first team to be like they thought like they snuck out or whatever, and yada You know, I’m saying you’re the biggest two to the biggest two players in the league right now. Everybody believed nail clippers in the lake show gonna be the best You know, I’m saying series, which it probably is. But you know, I’m saying but if you’re gonna stand for Stanford, if not just go ahead and do do what you can do in that area. You’re not I’m saying you could continue doing what you was doing.

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