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In this episode of ENDS Podcast, we talked about community and those of the community serving during trying times such as the COVID-19 epidemic. The Corona-virus pandemic has had a tremendous effect on the families of North Minneapolis. Causing schools to shut down and a peak in unemployment across America and the Twin-Cities. Two non-profit organizations in a partnership are tackling the hunger and food shortage in North Minneapolis by providing hot meals & and food shelves delivery to North Minneapolis residents in need. During a month when donations are low due to government shutdown, they're still standing on the mission and continuing to service the North Minneapolis community.

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Over 600 North Minneapolis Residents Served In Week 1

The Pressure was on during the month of March as schools, businesses, and entertainment venues began to close around the country. Creating a shortage of food for families that were depending on the free meals provided by schools or by the check they were receiving working their respective 9-5 job. Al-Maa'uun has seen there was a need in North Minneapolis and answered the calling without hesitation in conjunction with Masjid An-Nur who provides space and resources to help better assist North Minneapolis. Delivering meals to families and preparing meals around the clock to try to meet the huge demand that arrived overnight due to the Corona-Virus. These two organizations stepped up for the North Minneapolis residents in a time of need.
For information on how to support click the links below.

North Minneapolis Response Food Program Information & Forms
Link to Masjid An-Nur Donation Page:
Link to Al'Maa'uun Donation Page:

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