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Kirk "Transform"

Listen to Chicago artist Kirk Trapped In Asylum
Kirk "Trapped In Asylum Vol.2"

Who is Kirk 

Kyren Kelly Jr, also known as "KK" (or Kirk), was born in 1995 in Chicago, Illinois to Laquita Smith (Ferrell) and Kyren Kelly Sr. However, in 2003 his father was fatally gunned down. "Kirk" later moved to Elkhart/Goshen, Indiana and spent most of his teenage years there. Later in 2009 "Kirk" moved to Monticello, Arkansas where he met David Clyburn, also known as Daday , and began the rap group "2Mak" (Two Man Army Klick). At the age of 14, shortly after starting "2Mak", they began to upload their music online and started building a rapidly growing fan base. Sadly, David a.k.a "Daday ", lost his life at the age of 21 in 2017 due to gun violence. This influenced him to strive for greater things. "J Kwala", Who Has Passed away and CEO of FlyyManiacs and longtime friend of "Kirk's", teamed up with "Kirk" and flourished quickly with their music. "Kirk" has a unique rap style and an aggressive sound which makes his delivery stand out.

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